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RU-486- Confidential Abortion at Your Home

28 June 2016

Price $90.00
Whenever you face worries and stress due to unwanted pregnancy and you should use RU486 abortion pill. It contains generic Mifepristone as a main active constituent, which belongs to the category of Anti-progesterone. It can easily terminate your early stage of pregnancy, which is less than 7 weeks (49days). Buy RU486 online to safely abort your unwilling pregnancy at your home without taking the support of anyone.

Sheryl Jully
Chicago 60601, IL, United States
United States
Customer Care Phone Number(Tool Free) -1-866-391-2533
Asking Price of RU-486 PILL: $ 90.00

For more information & to place order buy RU-486 Mifepristone, Visit us at »

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