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8 January 2018

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E- Comics You Will Love
Comics are the medium to express ideas, using both pictures and text. Comics take you to the world of your childhood. The experience of reading a comic is both fun and exciting. We are sure you must have had some favourite comics that remind you of your childhood days. We at BookHungama have few amazing new age comics for you guys. You can even gift them to your children and let them have more fun in their childhood.
Here are some of the amazing Famous Ebooks In Marathi belonging to the ‘comics’ genre…
1. Zamdoo by Kishor Bandvalkar
Here is a story of elephant named Zamdoo living in a jungle called Muddy Island. The animals in the Jungle love Zamdoo who has a unique talent of solving any difficulty successfully. Another fun character in this book is Kako (a tortoise) who is lazy and never does anything. Kako’s grandfather consults Zamdoo about this problem and the story revolves around how Zamdoo finds an apt solution to it.
You can avail this eBook here :

2. The Story of Encrypted Letter – SIT Vol 1
We all love thriller, excitement, adventure and suspense and if all these are included in one book in a beautiful story, then nothing like it. The story of an encrypted letter is an exciting crime investigation story. The story unveils the connection between two disjointed cases.
You can avail this exciting crime investigation story here :

3. Bhavashyachi Patre (Part 1 and Part 2) by Atul Kalsekar
Have you ever written letters to anyone? If yes then this eBook will remind you of all those letters and if you haven’t written any letters then this eBook will inspire you to write some. Bhavashyachi Patre is a collection of letters written by a boy called Bhavashya to his grandmother. This boy belongs to a poor Dalit family. He writes these letters to his grandmother describing his childhood. These letters are beautifully portrayed in the form of comic books here. Best Ebooks In Regional Language
You can avail this beautiful collection of letters here:
Part 1:
Part 2:
You can search many such comics and Marathi Ebooks on our website :
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